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3D Spirit Paris - Planet

3D by Artificial Intelligence - 3D Engineering - Aerospace R&D - EMHD Propulsion - Warp Drive



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Corsican interview for Corse Matin Journal

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A dronavion project carried by a company from Corsica

A company recently based in Corsica, in Casinca, is trying to develop a means of transport particularly ambitious. A kind of "dronavion" that would use a new technology. The company 3D Spirit Paris-Corso was created

by Eric Daviet, an engineer who worked in Hong Kong on the design of military drones.

Eric Daviet is at the head of a team engineers who filed several patents to develop a technology that revolutionize the modes of shifting.

"We are working on an unprecedented aircraft system based on the technological processes we have developed. Patents have been filed to date. "

The process in question is that of the gravitational waves. They were detected for the first time in 2015 in the United States.

Éric Daviet's project is inspired by it as he explains: "In the propulsion system that we have developed, the emptiness enter in resonance, emptying it of its energy, removing the space and the time associated with it. 

Nothing is lost, everything is transformed and emptiness is consumed to allow to advance. So, a thruster consumes the distance instead of going through it. It is the practical implementation of the bridge of Rosen-Einstein dating from 1935 which has not yet found no aeronautical application. "

In concrete terms, the engineering team proposes a kind of small aircraft capable of transporting a person and to travel "several hundred kilometers in a few minutes".

Although several patents have been filed to date, the aircraft in question does not yet exist.

"All the simulations were done on computer and we now move to the concrete development phase of thrusters. We are looking for investors to allow us to continue this project. We hope that this solution could see the light of day, because it would revolutionize modes of travel, make them both faster and more ecological. It is

a mode of transportation that can be used in both air and water. "

The designers of this technology are given six months to develop their dronavion.