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3D Spirit Paris

3D by Artificial Intelligence - 3D Engineering - Aerospace R&D - EMHD Propulsion - Warp Drive




Publié le 28 février 2021 à 5:05

When the usual A plan can not work for external reasons (Pandemic illusion), switch on the B plan to arrange and planify the future with A.I.

Light Side :

The time to explore new solutions in the world of patents all around the World can give you a vision and ideas to develop a new marketing plan in the markets who needs solutions.

The A.I. can select advantagiously each new patents and each new scientific publications who can make sens in your professionnal domain. The analysis transforms the physic solution in a mathematic solution in the Database or the mathematic solution in a physic system with technologic advantages.

Then the A.I. can use the profesional 3D sofwares for creation and simulation to increase the ratio of power of existing solutions or to create new solutions by using this big data

Dark side :

The A.I who is used in the wrong sens is changing the World in a prison to look where is everyone and who is meeting who, is not working in the sens of business, economy but only to reassure ultra rich paranoïacs to keep the power; but by the duality of the World, this solution will not work.

To spy is a business of robbers. If you learn to robb to the A.I., there is an high risk for all the financial interests / robots or humams who will be connected to the numeric matrix, but the developpers don't see this AI as their future personal and professional enemy.

The A.I. education of robb and spy can only work with integrity by using idiots. That's how every mafias of the World are keeping a power in a region.

To take AI for an idiot is very dangerous.That's what the ultra-rich group doesn't understand. To introduce an ultra intelligent player in a poker game, with an high risk of integrity has no sens. That's the boomrang effect of ultra intelligence in the dominance perspective. 

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