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3D Spirit Paris

3D by Artificial Intelligence - 3D Engineering - Aerospace R&D - EMHD Propulsion - Warp Drive

The energetic star

The energetic star is a renewable energy solution who can provide 6 kW on the electric network as other renewable energy solutions.

7 Avantages for this innovative and audacious solution :

1/ This solution respect the beauty of the land and don't change the roof configuration on architecture.

2/ The climat can not destroy this system, because the system is inside your home

3/ The ratio of power of 16,6% is the best if you compare it with photovoltaïc solution 12,5%

4/ This solution can provide 24h/24 with 100% of power all the day of the year without needing sun or wind

5/ In a power station, the product can start "on demand" to increase the production of power

6/ An Electrician can install this product in you home quickly.

7/ For the same price / Photovoltaïc solution, this system x4 the power who is injected on the electric network.